Opening A Sandwich Shop? What To Do

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Opening A Sandwich Shop? What To Do

15 March 2019
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Your sandwiches may be so famous among your friends and relatives that you're considering opening your own sandwich shop. In addition to finding a space, getting appropriate permits, and making a menu, you should also check these tasks off your prep list.

Take Food Hygiene Training Courses

Because you'll be serving the public, you must handle food safely so that they don't get sick from spoiled or mishandled food items. Customers must trust that they won't regret eating in your shop. If you're not familiar with commercial food handling and practice, taking food hygiene training classes from a company like Uqual Training Services is wise. You will learn what temperatures are appropriate for food as well as other rules for hygiene related to the different foods you will be serving. If you plan to enlist your friends or family members as workers in your shop, they should take those classes, too.

Separate Business Finances

If you haven't yet consulted an accountant for your shop, you can begin handling accounting tasks by separating your shop's expenses, costs, and income from your personal bills. Separating out this information will make an accountant's job easier later. You should also ensure that any receipts building up for equipment, supplies, and other items are kept in folders away from the regular household bills you're receiving.

Write Press Releases

While those you know will be eating in your shop, you also need to attract eating customers to your new place. Word of mouth will bring people in, but marketing and advertising efforts are critical. One way to let the community know about your new sandwiches is to send out press releases to local newspapers; they might print them for their readers to see. Send out press releases announcing your shop to regional and state papers, too.

Create an Online Presence

People in your neighborhood, like everyone else, likely use the internet often. Getting an online presence for your shop and publicizing it on social media and other sites is a great way for people to find out about your sandwiches. You might post on your city's social media sites or interact with other local businesses. Giveaways and coupons on your own website and social media profiles will also interest people. 

Your new sandwich shop should feed and delight hundreds of people once it's open for business. Handling these activities will enable you to be a good business owner who makes great sandwiches and has a steady stream of customers.