How To Give Your Child New Experiences Before He Or She Starts Kindergarten

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How To Give Your Child New Experiences Before He Or She Starts Kindergarten

13 September 2017
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Have you decided that you and your little child have fallen into a rut of doing the same things over and over? Perhaps you find that you are staying home too often when there is a wonderful world for you and your child to explore. If that is the case, here are some ideas on how to give your child new experiences before he or she starts kindergarten.

Field Trips - Think of points of interest that you have never been to and make arrangements to visit those places.

  • You certainly don't have to spend a lot of money as you go on your field trips. For example, find out which day the museums in your area are free to the public.
  • Another idea is to go to art galleries together. Look for museums that are child-friendly and that have hands-on activities.
  • Going on field trips won't just be interesting and fun for your child. In addition, he or she will also be learning manners as he or she interacts with others.
  • Consider asking other parents and their children to go on the field trips with you. 

Child Care - Are you considering enrolling your little boy or your little girl in a child care program? If so, that could be a really good way to give your child new experiences.​ You can talk with a childcare service, like Purple Jay Nurseries, for more information.

  • One of the benefits of enrolling your son or daughter in a child care program is that he or she will learn how to interact with other adults.
  • Your child will be learning new things in a safe and fun environment. For example, your preschooler will learn things like the letters of the alphabet and the days of the week through music and games.
  • Another plus is that your little boy or your little girl will learn how to play well with other children, sharing toys and taking turns.
  • In a child care program your son or daughter will also learn consequences. There will be rules that have to be followed which will prepare him or her to enter a kindergarten program later on.

Think of starting a brand new photograph album that includes pictures of all the places you and and your child visit. In addition, take pictures of him or her with the playmates he or she meets at the child care program you select. Don't forget to take pictures of the instructors, too.